News Update


The just concluded NAWORG induction of National EXCOs and State Coordinators that was held on the 27th January 2022 at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry House  (LCCI) ,  with the Theme: Position and Responsibility of Women in Chamber Movement.
The Keynote speaker was Toki Magbojunje, former president of Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the guest speaker – Nneka Onyekaru, World Bank Master Trainer and Assessor SME & Gender Specialist.

In attendance were the National President of NACCIMA Ide John Udeagbala, 1st deputy president, Otunba Dele Oye, 2nd deputy president Engr Jani Ibrahim, Honorary life vice president,Nabil Saleh, National Vice President NACCIMA Membere Otaji, Former past president NACCIMA, Iyalode Alaba Lawson and the President LCCI, Asiwaju Dr Michael Olawale Cole

In her speech, Hajiya Aisha Abubakar the Current Chairperson of NAWORG stated:
“Gender equality remains a major issue despite its relevance, both as a human right and and as a catalyst for economic growth. This is why closing the gender gap is a central part of any strategy to create more sustainable and inclusive economies and societies.”
She went further to add that, “Recent efforts have led to important gains in women’s education and employment outcomes in Nigeria. However, women still reman severely under-represented in key, growth enhancing fields of education, business and government.

“First and foremost, we have to go on advocacy campaign for the gender equality Bill for it to be passed and we have to do for the individual for the domestication because it is one thing to pass the Bill, it is another thing to domesticate the Bill for the policy and it is a work in process.”

“So we have to start at the national level and then we go to the sub national and then we go on, we are going to work at it.”

“We are demanding for us to be put at the table when the decisions are being made; for us to be put at the table when policies are being made, especially the ones that affects children and women; and for us to be put at the table when decisions about the economy is being made because we are part of the economy.”

“We are also part of everything that is going on, so we just need to be there whether it is fiscal, monetary, whether it is security issues, education or health, whatever it is, we need to be there to put our voices.”
“We understand, we are the ones who carry the burden and backlash of all of these. So we should be there to guide and to say what the situation is.”
In concluding she beckoned on the Government to ensure that all our monetary and fiscal policies and everything align to sustain the value of the Naira. So, we just have to sure that our policies align to create that stability that we need in our country.”